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Adjusting the automatic country of dispatch

How to: change selected country

Country of dispatch

If you have a webshop, it is important that your customers feel at home, which makes them more likely to buy things. This can be positively influenced by adjusting some words, but it also has to do with the preferences in your webshop. What this means is that when Flemish customers arrive at the checkout page, the country is automatically set to Belgium for example, instead of the Netherlands.

This selected country can be changed by changing the pieces of code in which the selected country is the Netherlands to Belgium as selected country. For example, this looks like this:
<option value="NL" selected='selected'>Netherlands</option> → this is then selected
<option value='BE'>Belgium</option> → this one is not selected

To change this, change the piece 'selected=selected', this should be with the country you want to have selected. Important here is that you swap both pieces, so also the option Netherlands must bedeselectedinstead of only Belgium. So you enter two different lines, in Clonable.