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Changing a phone number

How to: changing a phone number

Arranged in a few steps

If you have a website in another country than the Netherlands, it is logical that your phone number will change for the visitors of your site, because the area code needs to be included. For example, the mobile number 06 12 34 56 78 should be shown as +31 6 12 34 56 78 on the foreign website. This of course also applies to landline numbers like 0123 456 789, which should be shown as +31 123 456 789 on the foreign site. These are also easy to change. Just add the original number in the backend of Clonable, in the left column, and the replacement phone number in the right column.

!!! Be careful when changing numbers in Clonable. It can cause the number codes in your script to be changed, which will cause certain scripts on the website to stop working properly. Therefore, copy the complete telephone number, and not only the parts that need to be changed.