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Changing images

How to: changing images

Arranged in a few steps

Perhaps you use images on your website that are focused on the country the site is intended for. For example, suppose you have an image with windmills for your Dutch site. Then you might want a more suitable image for your translated site. This is also easy to change with Clonable.

For this you need the file name of the existing image. In the backend of Clonable you insert this in the left column, the original column. In the right column, the replacement column, you enter the filename of the replacing image. This way Clonable knows which image has to be replaced, and what the replacement image is.

You can also change the images by inspecting the image on the website with the right mouse button. You will then see a piece of code that belongs to the image. You can copy and paste this in the original column, and then replace the code in the replacement column with another piece of code. This piece of code usually contains a URL link, because the image was uploaded in WordPress or Magento for example.