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Set up of the SEO language tags

How to: set up the SEO language tags

Arranged in a few steps

When you have subscribed to Clonable you will receive an email from us with the DNS records and SEO language tags that need to be changed. This is necessary for Google to see your clone as an original non-copied site.

There are several ways to add the language tags. If you have WordPress or Magento, for example, you will receive a small PHP script from us which you can copy. Depending on your platform, this script needs to be pasted in different places (for example in the wp-config, or somewhere in the php-file). The mail will contain a short instruction on where exactly to paste the script.
Other CMS systems may require the use of Google Tag Manager. This is for example the case with Logic4. In that case we created a piece of code ourselves. You can add this as a new tag in Google Tag Manager yourself, or give us access to your Tag Manager and let us add it.

We will tell you which way is best for your system. If you have any problems or don't know what to do, don't hesitate to contact us.

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