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Quickly and easily expand your site or webshop abroad?

Without maintenance and with translation?

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What is Clonable?

Clonable with translation

With Clonable you can easily clone a website to a foreign domain, while retaining unique content for Google. If you own a hotel, or are a member of the board of a regional tourist board, you might want to serve English or German speaking visitors as well. Or if you have a successful webshop, you probably also want to try and sell your products on the French or German market. But a .com website won't score on Google.fr or Google.de. Instead of building a whole new website and having to transfer all the content, translate it if necessary, and maintaining two sites, Clonable gives you a foreign site within 5 minutes. Because it is a live copy, changes on the original site are automatically applied (and translated) to the cloned site.

Clonable without translation

Cloning your site to a foreign domain increases the positions in the country of the cloned website. The websites remain basically the same, but with Clonable you can also choose to change parts of it. The cloned website will stay the same, but with you can also choose to change parts of it. For example, you can change your logo, or you can change British keywords to American keywords, like 'pullover' to 'sweater'. It is also possible to replace a certain German translation by a more appropriate German jargon. For Google, the content of the clone is seen as original content (no duplicate content).

Easy to use

Because of the simple menu in the backend the creation of the clone takes little time. Within 5 minutes the first page is ready and will be saved in Clonable. Adjustments to existing pages are automatically translated.

Ready within 5min
Worldwide use
No maintenance
Better conversion
No hosting fees
Easy to customize

What are the possibilities?

By showing identical content, but specifically aimed at a foreign market, Clonable increases the reach of your website. The content is seen by Google as (non-duplicate) content. Cloning a website has a number of major advantages.

  1. Automatically translated website. Better quality than Google Translate
  2. No hassle keeping up with foreign content, new content is automatically cloned and translated.
  3. No extra maintenance and no hosting.
  4. SEO optimization is better. You can be found in more countries with your product or service.
  5. One dashboard/ backend for 2 or more sites (useful for e.g. stock management)
  6. Conversion | Your foreign customer feels more at home in his own environment.
  7. Adwords | You can advertise with a unique site.

Several countries in the same language?

Do you want to reach several countries with the same language? Then Clonable is also very useful. By using Clonable you can focus on different markets. Our cheaper model makes it possible to reach several countries with minimal costs:

  • German (.de) to Austria (.at) or other German-speaking areas.
  • English (co.uk) to .com or for example Australia (.au).
  • Dutch (.nl) to Flemish (.be).
  • Spain (.es) to Argentina (.ar)
  • This also applies to all other languages such as French or Portuguese

Simple settings

Clonable makes it easy to set up a 'new' website.

Personal touch?

A unique website with the same content. Customize your logos or images per domain. Or simply add texts.

Better result

By focusing on different markets, results will increase.

Need more info?

If you have any questions you can always call or email. Making an appointment is also possible.

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