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Clonable - your cloning & localization tool for website & webshops.

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Clonable is continuously optimizing its product. What can we expect in the near future?

Desired features

Taking stock: formal and informal language use

In some languages, this is very important. It would be good if customers could choose which form of address to use.
Upcoming features

End of 2022: Metatitle imports

We want to make SEO in Clonable even easier. With a metatitle import for example.

quarter 2 2022: Creating white space

Personalization of styling and editor.

quarter 2 2022: Partners in dashboard

Our cooperating partners, such as PostNL, will have a place in our dashboard. The intention is that all kinds of other e-commerce services that are of interest will be listed here to ensure that customers can quickly and easily improve their website or webshop.

quarter 2 2022: Affiliate program

We are building an affiliate program to ensure that partners can refer customers and receive an attractive commission for doing so.

quarter 2 2022: Image Editor

For replacing images, the editor can now be used as well.

  • Creates image replacement rules when an image is replaced.
  • Detects when an existing rule is modified.
  • Detects when a rule is reversed and then deletes it.
  • Detects when a user tries to create the same rule twice and will then suggest using the substitution rules.
  • On some sites the button does not work properly. It is then (almost) not visible or the underlying button also handles its action which can result in changing the page.

Quarter 2 2022: Own Clonable search engine

In your clone, the search engine normally searches in the original language. This is not problematic with a clone in the same language, but quite annoying in another language. We are currently developing a solution within Clonable. If the customer uses a feed-based search module (such as Doofinder, Sooqr, etc.) this will work seamlessly with Clonable.
Finished features

April 2022: XML feeds

It is also possible with Clonable to translate the XML feeds of your site. XML feeds are usually shopping feeds. This allows your products to be found on Google shopping, for example.

April 2022: Magento plugin

Magento generally works flawlessly with Clonable without any special modifications.

February 2022: WordPress plugin

For WordPress, you can easily add language tags by installing and configuring our plugin with the following data. If you need to add or remove language tags (because you already have them on your site in another way, for example), you can simply edit the JSON data.

February 2022: Purchases of "additional bundles of translation characters

To ensure that customers do not run out of translation characters with smaller subscriptions, we want to introduce 'translation bundles'. For example, you can buy 100,000, 1,000,000 or 5,000,000 characters.

January 2022: MyWebstore

Since 07-01-2022, MijnWebwinkel is better supported so that previously untranslated elements such as filters and text on the checkout are now also translated properly.

November 2021: Live Editor

A what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for modifying translations and elements of your clone. This way, it is possible to make adjustments by simply clicking on what you want to change on the page. This also makes it even easier to have a native proofreader make adjustments while he or she scrolls through the site.

August 2021: Urls automatically translate

Previously, urls had to be translated via uploads. Now this is no longer necessary. The urls are automatically translated for clones in other languages. There are also options to customize the urls.

August 2021: Translating XML

XML translation is made possible. This is for example very useful for keeping track of product feeds and for creating special search engines.

End of July 2021 - From Hungary to Japan

Own Clonable site cloned to many languages / countries...practice what you preach!

End of July 2021 - JSON

Until recently, translating JSON was not possible. We have now reached the point where this is possible. This feature is currently in beta, since we don't know yet if there will be any problems.

Beginning July 2021 - translate URLs via upload function

Using a scraper, we can find, translate and upload all urls on your website. Later this year an automatic translation function of all urls will be added, so that even if you add a new page the URL will be automatically translated.

June 2021 - 5 minutes

A function was built so that every employee of Clonable could generate a foreign website as a demo within 5 minutes. This function ensured that many people could be convinced of the usefulness of Clonable more quickly.

January - June 2021 - Knowledgebase and website

In the first months of 2021 we worked hard to get the site up and running. With the creation of an extensive knowledgebase for our customers, informative videos, explanations, etc.

August 2020 - Clonable

The name Clonable is born...

December 2019 - Dashboard

First version of the dashboard is put online, so customers could start working with it.

Mid 2019 - Brainstorming

Thinking and brainstorming about the original idea: making Belgian sites possible without any hassle. A month or 2 later, the first beta website was delivered: Ippontime.be. Original name: Sitespark (we were planning to put more tools under this name)